The Depths (Single)

by Dizraeli & The Small Gods

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released January 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Dizraeli & The Small Gods London, UK

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Track Name: The Depths
Too unkempt for Soho
Orang u tan in tutu
smash him back to atoms
Whack him out the tube
the rat'll
grab and screw you in a instant
He's Insensitive to social imprints
the lad's bin mincing
watch him
he'll have your infants in his pink mittens
Grip yr little boys give em poisons switch them
toxify their sex-drives
we don't want the life he's living
we're horrified he's legal
and alive and kicking
Krack him
Belittle him
Reduce him to a smear
His love isn't human
he's Medusa in the mirror
The judgment in the sideways look
Loop of our fear
His love is crooked by the standards of the Great Seer
If you're not the man for women you are eunuch
you are useless to the higher office
you are Devil's music
opposite to God,
Of course we're scared of you
How dare you do what we don't dare to?

I'd cry but you're too small
Your brains are dripping down my wall
I don't care
You meant nothing to me
I don't care
You meant nothing to me…


Then the men come crashing in...

the men are stunted, pig-nosed
tattoes of women on their torsoes
guns for arms jokes for voices good blokes,
good blokes
they'll rush the gates
they'll stamp your face into the pavement
if you look close
you're too close
one more inch you'll be intimate
and intimate is not OK bruv they will string you up
Fisticuffs if you touch what I wish to touch
Vicious efficiency
the skins are buffed / Director's cut
better to show man killing man than man kissing
man the men'll get you if you dance different
the clan's marching
swinging faggots from a crooked height
chanting footy anthems
as the bullets fly
Me and agony are lookalikes
Cos I been hiding hurt my whole life
used to love my cousin now I'm shook inside
Shadow in the book of light
I know the dark by name
Yetis hunt me every last one with my father's face
Funny innit
Laugh apart the shame
the punchline is that you're fat or gay
Standard refrain
you half a phrase
you half a man you snake
you evil manifest you castaway
they'll get you….

I'd cry but you're too small
Your brains are dripping down my wall
I don't care
You meant nothing to me
I don't care
You meant nothing to me…

I want to see the depths...
Track Name: Any Day Now

Any day now
the world will roll out, fold in and over
The iron-sided edifice crumble
The tower tumble
The engine cut
And we can be children again
Any day now
war will die a graceful death out at sea
Meat-wagons burst into flames
Private schools turn to social housing
And we can be children again

Play your favourite game...

While recognising of course that not everybody's childhood was peachy
but still…
The feeling of being able to paint a picture and just
keep still

And Lucifer's still outside in the garden
trying to shout down the morning
But the truth is
none of us here could care
And the walker's still up there on the hill
just trying to shout down the morning
But the truth is
none of us down here could really care

Cos any day now
London will lighten the fuck up
Put the hammer down
Unclench for a minute
and return the smile
and we can be
Children again

Play your favourite game...

Any day now
All of us will cut free
Running down Worm Lane
Like God's own spies
Back to the first place
to the day you learned to whistle

Any day now
She will come round the cliffside
very small to the space in your arms
and it won't seem dangerous
and she will say
'It's alright
We can be children again'

Play your favourite game...

And she will put her arms around you very slow
and make it simple
And Nick will bop down the cliff path lean
and Rob will walk out of the sea with a grin
And the four of you will stand
and watch the waves roll in.